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Details: You can submit your United States passport application at this location for processing. Keep in mind the wait time is 3 to 10 weeks when submitting at USPO - CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN STATION. This is a good, cheap option for anyone who doesn't need their passport for at least 3 months. Keep in mind they do not have any customer support if there is an issue. You will need to call the US Department of State's automated phone system if your passport gets suspended for any reason.

Alternatively, you can use a passport courier service if you want someone to walk you through the process and have a point of contact with real-time updates every step of the way. Fast Passport Center is an approved passport courier with the US Department of State and can obtain an expedited passport in as little as 24 hours. All of our passport couriers are US Department of State Passport Office registered and authorized as part of the Passport Agency hand-courier program to rush your passport application.

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Fast Passport Center's simple and easy process can help anyone who needs a passport within 8 weeks.


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