Colorado Springs Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Divorce Decrees for Passport Services

Fast Passport Center is an approved expedited passport service by the US Department of State. The information below is to assist anyone in the Colorado Springs area with vital records help. We understand it can be confusing trying to obtain a passport or just getting a vital record like your birth certificate. Please read our information below to help you understand how to obtain your vital records

What type of vital record do you need?

  • Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and Divorce Decrees - If you don’t have a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree then you should call your local vital records department. Sometimes it is much faster if you go in person.
  • Naturalization Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship - If you lost your citizenship document that was issued by United States Citizen and immigration Services or your document was stolen or damaged then you may apply for a replacement certificate. Keep in mind, the government will charge many hundreds of dollars for replacement certificates. If you have had a passport before then you can do a file search which is much cheaper and still obtain a passport.

If you are trying to obtain your US passport then you will need an original or certified copy your birth certificate. If you have changed your name since birth then you will need the court document showing the legal name change. Also, if you are a naturalized United States citizen then you will need your original naturalization certificate to obtain a United States passport.

Fast Passport Center is a passport expediting service approved and certified by the US Department of State. We have helped thousands of travelers with obtaining passport renewal, rush passport, and other passport or visa services. If you need an emergency passport, then we can obtain your new passport in as little as 24 hours. Our services start at only $85.

Do you need a Fast Passport?
Fast Passport Center's simple and easy process can help anyone who needs a passport within 8 weeks.