Fast Passport Center is your central location for travel visa and passport processing. Fast Passport Center also has preferred relationships with over 200 foreign Embassies and Consulates. This allows us to be able to process any US passport and some travel visas in as little as one day. Many visas that might otherwise take weeks or months to obtain by direct correspondence can readily be processed within days because of our frequent contact with embassies and consulates.


Astounding Reliability, Exceptional Speed!

Our Team

Every member of the staff of Fast Passport Center is here for one common goal- our clients. Our reputation in this industry is unmatched- from the casual traveler to corporations, travel agencies, tour operators and the cruise lines we come highly recommended and endorsed. Our staff has the tools, experience and global network necessary to effectively cut though the red tape to obtain travel documents. What might otherwise be a time consuming and potentially frustrating process is handled expeditiously. This eliminates the risks resulting from improper documentation such as long waits in lines at immigration points or even worse, denial of entry.Fast Passport Center team guarantees the highest security process on all applications and also. Travelers arrive at their destinations on time with documentation in perfect order.Customer satisfaction is the top priority for the team.

Our Service

We know the meaning of the word “urgent” and we are aware of the responsibility involved in the handling of sensitive documents. We also understand very well that behind every passport that we handle, each visa that we process, there is a personal history , an important business, and a goal to be accomplished. Therefore, we make a special effort to give the best personal and confidential service every day because we feel committed to help our clients achieve successful results. Fast Passport Center guarantees the highest security process on all applications. We only use Fedex to securely ship documents and our proprietary passport and travel visa processing technology insures your documents will be safe throughout the entire process. If you need a passport or a travel visa in a hurry, you can count on us!


Are centrally located which allows for reasonable shipping costs no matter where you are located in the United States. Our team of responsible couriers insures the timely delivery of your passport. We guarantee it! Provide us with all the necessary documentation, and your passport will be sent back to you in time for your travel departure.

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